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About Gillys

Deloris the Owner


Owner and Lead Designer

Welcome to Gilly's Embroidery Shop, where passion meets precision in the world of customized sports gear. At Gilly's, we take the game to a whole new level by infusing it with personalized flair. Our embroidery artisans breathe life into basketballs, baseballs, softballs, and beyond, transforming them into unique keepsakes that tell a story. Whether you're looking to celebrate your favorite player's achievements, unite your team with matching gear, or create a one-of-a-kind gift, Gilly's has you covered. Our expertise extends beyond the field or court – we also craft personalized bracelets and bag tags, adding a touch of individuality to your everyday accessories. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch reflects the spirit of the game and the personality of the player. Come join the Gilly's family, where passion, precision, and personalization collide to redefine your sports experience.

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